Some Tips For a Stress-free Home Extension

Do you know that a rear or side addition to your home can enhance the value of your home from 10 to 15%, after taking into account the cost of the addition? (A recent research study has just confirmed this). So, if you have been thinking of extending your home... read more

Home Redesign And The Party Wall Act

Homes are meant to last for a long time and they often call for some remodeling from time after time. Different areas of a home can be remodeled and one of the most common forms of remodeling involves extending homes. In most cases, most people go about their remodeling business... read more

5 Things You Didn’t Know A Surveyor Can Help You With

There are two types of qualifications available for surveyors, and the qualification held by a particular surveyor will determine what they can do for you. Royal Institution Of Chartered Surveyors Surveyors who hold this qualification have spent a significant number of years at university and are very well-educated. They have... read more