partywallHomes are meant to last for a long time and they often call for some remodeling from time after time. Different areas of a home can be remodeled and one of the most common forms of remodeling involves extending homes. In most cases, most people go about their remodeling business without consulting or considering their neighbours even when the redevelopment will affect the neighbor in some way. This is a very risky thing to do as the law explicitly states otherwise.

Neighbours have a crucial role in the planning process of any extension project. It is seen that in most neighbourhoods, the homes share a common boundary and this makes a neighbour very susceptible to the after effects of the house extension. It is therefore important that as a homeowner, you are obliged to inform your neighbour about your plans, so that you do not fall on the wrong side of the law. There are several consequences associated with redesigning your home without consulting your neighbour and among them is the probability of making your project be more costly than you had initially planned and could cause delay in your project as well.

The Party Wall Act governs home redesign projects and as stated above, you need to inform your neighbors on any remodeling project. It is worth noting that this notification should be done some time before even the project project sets off. Among the parties, you need to notify are the leaseholders and the freeholders of the property that will be affected by the construction work.This act mostly affects the excavations and foundations, as they are the ones likely to affect the neighbors in a major way.

A party wall  can be defined as a wall that is part of your building and is on the boundary of your land and that of your neighbour.

Home extensions in the UK are managed with greater efficiency when the party wall is taking into consideration. Doing this not only makes the overall process faster and friction free but it also makes you stay on the right side of the law. There are several consequences faced by failing to follow this act. Some of these can include having to pay fines and/or facing legal action. The reason this is enforced is; a neighbour has their rights and by not considering the party wall issues, you will be violating their rights.

Home extensions are can become a very involved process and you need to ensure you get all your options right. If you want to do a good extension, you first need to select quality materials for the extension. Secondly, you need to ensure that the people you choose to work on your project are skilled and that they can be able to do work of  good quality and workmanship.

House redevelopments in the UK need to be very considerate of the party wall. Whenever you want to redesign your home, ensure you consult with your neighbour, and get the necessary permission, so that you do not fall on the wrong side of the law.